If you have a big network in which you automate the installation of software, you may during the installation, set up an account the Dashman displayers (screensaver and standalone) will connect to so that you don't have to do it on each of those computers.

You can achieve that by passing the AUTO_CONNECT_VALUE during installation as follows:

msiexec /i Dashman-[VERSION].msi AUTO_CONNECT_TO=

The value you pass is the same one you would enter on the UI, so, it can be the account id or an email address of a user of the account (if email connections are allowed in the account, which they are by default).

For example:

msiexec /i Dashman-1.0.0.msi AUTO_CONNECT_TO=acmecorp

After that, you still need to approved each displayer from the configurator application in the usual manner. This is to prevent third parties that downloaded Dashman from gaining access to your account. This is not just a matter of permissions but a key exchange that will allow the displayer to decrypt screenshots.

Present since: Dashman 1.0.0-beta.2